11 Ways to Grow your Instagram You Can’t Miss in 2023

11 Ways to Grow your Instagram You Can’t Miss in 2023

You should! Instagram reached TWO BILLION monthly active users in December 2021. That’s doubled since June 2018! Of course, you won’t be alone in trying to reach an audience on Instagram. 71% of U.S. businesses market on Instagram, including 90 of the world’s top 100 brands. 80% of IGers follow brands – but how can you stand out and get them to follow your business?

1. Create a compelling Instagram profile

What do IGers see when they visit your account? Your bio! Is it clear what you offer, and why they’d want to follow you? As they say, you only get one chance to make a first impression. When someone visits your profile, they’ll decide bonus new member 100 in seconds whether or not to follow your account. Make sure your Instagram profile picture matches up with your other accounts, so people recognize you. If your business name isn’t well-known like IKEA or Nike, add a few keywords to your name to clarify your niche. You only have 150 characters for your bio! I recommend bullet points that communicate at a glance. Feel free to set them off with emojis. An emoji can communicate a lot in a single character.

2. Curate a beautiful gallery

Know what else IGers see on your profile? Your last few posts! Instagram is a highly visual platform, and users are discerning. You can’t just post any old thing that you might get away with on another platform.

Create your brand story:

  • Decide on a visual theme you’ll use to represent your brand.
  • Make sure your photos will provide value to your followers.
  • Use your products to tell a story that will be of interest to your audience.
  • Because of the grid gallery on your profile page, it’s critical that you develop Slot Gacor Hari Ini and follow a themed look or style. This gallery is going to communicate at a glance what your account is about – or just look like a mishmash of swiped content and reposts.

Create your brand content:

  • Use your business colors, fonts, and photography style.
  • Use high resolution photos and third-party editing apps to enhance your photos.
  • Use Instagram filters, third-party filters, or no filter as appropriate to your brand.
  • You can also try apps to add text to photos for a consistent look.
  • Product images should feature the product prominently in the picture.
  • Utilize Instagram video for more creative storytelling.

3. Post Instagram Reels

Not familiar with Reels? They’re 15 to 30 seconds clips that are set to music. They can be shared in the Stories and Explore Feeds – plus there’s a new dedicated Reels tab. Reels are the newest feature on IG – and Instagram loves to maximize reach for its latest Slot Gacor Hari Ini additions. In fact, they’ve even been advising IGers who want to grow their accounts to use them 4 to 7 times a week. With the trending and popular accounts feature, you have a chance to reach a totally new audience. They’re also easy to access in the same way as IGTV. Ready to roll?

4. Use Instagram Stories – and keep ‘em coming!

Stories are a fun and effective way to stand out. Instagram pushes Stories out, both at the top of the home page, and again throughout the feed. They don’t want IGers to miss them, so take advantage! Your Story will be bumped to the front of the line each time you add to it, so keep those updates coming. At least a couple a day – even better, every couple hours. Don’t forget to curate your best Stories into themed Highlights you’ll show on your profile RTP Slot Pragmatic, under your bio.

5. Choose the best Instagram hashtags

I can’t overstate the importance of using hashtags with your posts and Stories. Hashtags really help your account get discovered. But they have to be the right hashtags! Use a mix of brand-specific, industry-specific, and trending hashtags. Should Situs Slot Gacor you use 3 or 30? In the caption or a comment? You’ve got questions, I’ve got answers.